Discovering 'the suite life' in landscape villas in Phu My Hung, District 7

Have you ever gone sightseeing Happy Valley Premier. Let's make experience the landscape villas Happy Valley Premier - a limited project just only for the most potential clients in HCMC. 

With experts in the real estate industry, Happy Valley Premier is a sought-after name due to the special way to business of this project. 2 years ago, the main investor – Phu My Hung published the design as well as model houses of it but they did not give any business plan as usual. Until November of this year, Phu My Hung officially launched the project to the market by organizing an event named “Experience the landscape villas Happy Valley Premier” on the completed scheme area.

It's Phu My Hung's conviction that our project is totally different about the location and product positioning so that we have changed the business method which is a priority for construction first and selling later. Moreover, masterpiece always takes time to build and 2 years is necessary for us to complete Happy Valley Premier with the live space follow “home resort” style, creating a strong personal impression to the homeowner. 

It is not only owning the precious location with “5 nearby”: supermarket nearby, river nearby, main streets nearby, green spaces nearby and schools nearby but Happy Valley Premier is also the last fragment to accomplish the cultural and entertainment area. With that convenient, the area’s dweller can reach famous destinations in District 7 easily such as Golf Course, International Financal and Commercial Area – Crescent Mall, Starlight Bridge, Semicircle Lake, … 

Next to the project is a large park currently has 4 tennis courts - a familiar entertainment spot of urban residents.

Amidst one of the busiest Urban Area in Saigon, pasture's breeze is still filling the air, both in and outdoor. The whiffs of the river, the cool breeze, the flowers and the birds are always a part of the value weaved into the rhythm of the hustling and bustling streets.

The rarity of this prime location alone suffices to impose new and higher standards for the real value of a property. Phu My Hung decided to complete the project first and then officially opened for sale. The purpose is that bring the most reality experience to clients.

The whole project has only 55 landscape villas - the number is not for the majority of the market. 

With an area approximately 4,200m2, only 21% of the area is used for accommodation, 79% of the area is designed for opened green space and public utilities. According to Ms. Angelia Lee Peng Peng, Director of Artsy Expressions - utility and project interior design unit, have not many projects on the market have these figures. “Normally, in the ‘golden’ location, investors tend to optimize their profit, but Phu My Hung does the opposite. They maintain the FAR less than 3, creating a new standard of luxury and prestige”, Ms. Angelia Lee Peng Peng said.

And the last 10% area is concerned to develop a pool system smoothly connecting 2 buildings with resort-style utilities so that every day at Happy Valley Premier is an enjoyable vacation.

The inner campus is beautifully shaped with walking paths around the swimming pool, the neighbourhood, the two sides of trees and flowers, welcoming your family members strolling in relaxation with intimate conversation. 

Facilities such as gym, community room, baby room ... are ready to serve residents on the second floor of the 10-storey building. These rooms are not only focused on personal experience but this also connect the space so that residents can feel the scenery.

Across from the gym is a community room where residents can flexibly use: women can practice yoga or organize flower arrangement classes, seniors can take advantage this room to play chess, ...

“This environment makes me feel much younger back” – a confess of a visitor experienced the Happy Valley Premier project. 

Beside the community room is a colorful space, stimulating children's creativity. With targeted for multi-generational families, in this project, the investor and the tectonic units have studied the habits and preferences of residents of ages to arrange utilities appropriately, convenient for usage. Parents can do sports, grandparents play chess while their children and grandchildren play next to them.

Youngsters of landscape villas are favoured to spend more space than the children's room, there is an outdoor playground with umbrage. Studies have shown that outdoor activities are not only good physically but also stimulates kids to improve many skills for their holistic development.


Happy Valley Premier is also the first project that the investor brings in the amenities that no other project of this unit has like the Juice bar offers exclusive experiences for 55 families residing here.


Not only that, Happy Valley Premier also marks the first time that the investor operates a project with a 100% product structure of scenic villas. Currently, the product of penthouses accounts for only 0.4% of the total 160,000 apartments in Ho Chi Minh City market and is mainly arranged alternately in projects.


No matter which corner, the house space is also filled with natural light. The owner of the villa can enjoy the breathtaking views of the swimming pool, park, river ... So it is no coincidence that Happy Valley Premier is named a scenic villa: spacious area and precious view.

The house plan is intelligently designed, with scientific connection between the upper and lower floors, suitable for multi-generational family.


The bathroom is designed follow the luxury resort standard. According to Mrs. Angelia, only real estate property with prices from 3 million USD or more are fully equipped like that. It is known that the investor has also reached agreements with many leading furniture brands, providing incentives for residents to complete the house.

"Overcoming the hustle and bustle of modern day life, we look forward to seeing people do this: 3 generations of the family sitting together, telling each other's stories. We look forward to bringing together things." That feeling comes back like the old days through the Happy Valley Premier project ", Mrs. Angelia shared.

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