District 7 is a preferred place to settle by many expats

There are many international schools, new buildings and offices in  the area. This area offers many different modern attractions like well designed bridges, big public parks and shopping malls. It has breath taking views  like artificial lake  Crescent Lake and Starlight Bridge among others. This is the reason why  many students and professionals  are encouraged to live in District 7. With these reasons the demand for residential  area and businesses  is continuously increasing.

District 7 is  a  preferred place to settle  by many expats

District 7 like an alternative universe compared to other districts of Saigon. The streets are wide, traffic congestion is unlikely to happen out of rush hour and also the atmosphere is mostly free of the blaring horns of downtown Saigon. The district is a home of a large population of Korean expats and the best place to go for great Korean cuisine. Inside D7 is the satellite city of Phú Mỹ Hưng, which is characterised by luxury apartment blocks, modern shops and restaurants. This area is also favourite choice of Japanese and Vietnamese's elite, too. You can find great famous destinations and international schools as well as the city’s best shopping malls here. Additions, several peaceful parks are available in the district where we could spend great time for picnics with friends and family. D7 is around 15 minutes from the city centre out of rush hours, and relatively free of flooding.

Schools American International School, Saigon South International School, Canadian International School and Bilingual Canadian International School.
Healthcare As well as a chain of government-owned hospitals and medical centres, there are several private clinics including FV Hospital in Phu My Hung and the Saint Luke Medical Centre.
Attractions While there’s little in the way of entertainment here, you can simply enjoy a walk along Crescent Lake, explore the park next to Star Bridge, check out the outdoor programme of events at Crescent Mall, or having a family get-together in one of the many cafes.
Shopping All your retail needs are covered under one roof at the popular Crescent Mall, and there is an interesting array of independent stores and boutiques across the district.
Bars and restaurants District 7 has plenty of trendy bars, cafes and restaurants – as well as lots of international fast food restaurants - but, after the sun goes down, don’t expect much in the way of nightlife.

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