The great potential of residential business in District 7, HCMC

 District 7 is one of the central districts having new urban areas with the most breathtaking views and modern in HCMC. This area is also known as a golden land because of the critical position that very convenient to move to downtown. 

Why does the citizen demanding for housing in Distric 7 increase?

Recent years, immigrants such as students and workers are growing, more office buildings are built leads to more residents demanding to house every month.

Why does the citizen demanding for housing in District 7 increase?

Basically, because of the development of local industries and service companies attract more and more employees. Besides, students tend to move to areas near their university for housing. As a result, mini apartment or studio rental is gradually becoming more and more popular.

With strengths of scenery and critical position, district 7 is chosen to develop various residential, office building projects create a vast of job opportunity. More than that, the district infrastructure such as transports, hospitals, supermarkets and schools has improved that make new chances for families with medium living standards can upgrade their life with reasonably priced places (from 4 million VND to 5 million VND housing fee a month).

Housing demanding near workplaces: Meets a need.

The advantages mentioned above make the housing demanding in district 7 rocketed. Realize that, the local dweller rapidly catch the trends and use their apartments for rent. Besides, investors can buy houses and transform into 10 – 12 studio flats rental. With smaller capital, other investors choose to rent a big house with many rooms and re-rent. This business form is widely known and chosen because it can bring a steady income for the owners. Additions, that kind of business is hard to be outdated due to the humongous opportunity of accommodation needs.

Principles of residential business:

1. The estate has a sustainable and long-term value.

Investors should invest in legal estate because it can bring a long-term income which makes a sustainable value for inheritance generation and a guarantee for their old age.

2. Safe.

The land use right certificate must be in the correct name with the owner. This ensures the legal trade or bank loans in the future.

3. Management easily.

The estate can be operated by itself, without difficulty in management. This is also easy to replace the administrator and independent as a result.

4. Profitability.

This estate must create a sustainable profit at least 5%/year (basic bank interest rate).

5. Capital gains.

This estate must have the ability to increase in value of 2.5 - 3 times in 7-10 years.

6. Financial leverage.

The estate with collateral at least 75% of market price to raise capital when needed.

7. Inheritance value.

This estate must have the ability to long-term owned. It also can be inherited in 2-3 generations.



The land use right certificate is the correct name with the owner. Supporting to get a bank loan. Any questions please contact Mr Huy: 0918222944 


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