Kiều Đàm Villa District 7 For Sale, 8x22 Area, Reasonable Price 2020/12

Are you tired of living in an apartment that lacks private and cramped space, waiting in an unlimited line for elevators or parking check every Monday morning?

Are you looking for a real home to settle in after years to years of hard work?

Are you looking for a spacious family space for generations with greenery, school, supermarket, parks nearby and a reasonable price?

We can offer your asks.


Area: 8x22m (176 m2)

The detail information about this luxury villa:

Structure: ground, 2 floors and rooftop.

This villa consists of a large salon, an ancestor worship room, a warm dining room with fully kitchen utensils & appliances, a luxurious and cozy community room, a working room, 6 bedrooms with private bathroom each.

Villa's airy space has many rooms can be combined both for living and for company offices. Because of oversea settlement, the homeowner gives all the luxury furniture to the new owner. After receiving the house, you can move in immediately.

The design of this house between modern mix with classic style. With delicate lines helping to maximize the usable area.

Bright paint color combine with a bit of vintage, helping the house become warmer. We are confident that anyone who enters the villa will like it at first sight. And that comfortable feeling will follow you throughout your life here.

The equipment and materials are all quality products, from furniture to beds and wardrobes are made of wood. Pictures can't illustrate the entire aspect of this villa, it is necessary for an appointment to feel that wonderful beauty.

Price: 19 billion VND

The land use right certificate is the correct name with the owner.

Supporting to get a bank loan.

The owner sells the villa in Kieu Dam district 7 with the hoping for a fast-selling price of 19 billion. Looking forward to receiving goodwill customers, little negotiation.

Please contact us via hotline 0918222944  to become a firsthand witness of this desirable villa.


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