Tan Quy Dong - ideal place for expats and property investment.

Nowadays, international integration plays a critical role in the development of nations or regions. With the trend of globalization in many countries, the concept of "global citizens" is almost less unfamiliar to each of us. 

Along with this trend, the distance between native citizens or foreign citizens who travel and come to Vietnam to work, settle and live is closer than ever in terms of geography, language, and knowledge.

Ho Chi Minh city where is known as the biggest economic - finance center of the nation according to recent researches is the ideal place for foreigners because of its expats-friendly environment: high job opportunities, modern infrastructure harmonious mix with historical architecture like museums, Independence Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, v.v...and many apartment options to choose from over 16 districts.

Just a 10-minute drive from the city center, District 7 is a calm haven if you are looking for houses located on clean, wide streets, surrounded by greenery. This area is a newly-developed area, which reflects contemporary, synchronously-planned townhouses and apartments. Home to a large number of expats such as Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese and wealthy locals, this neighborhood has a lot of quality features to offer. 

There are various urban areas in district 7: besides Phu My Hung, Him Lam are familiar and famous to many people, Tan Quy Dong is a new one and attractive bright spot that has attracted many Asian residents to live here.

Designed for medium-high income families, these residents do not only raise the value of the places they settle but also increasing the surplus value of the real estate, foundation soil and apartments more and more every day.

What is the motivation for them to come to buy houses and settle or invest in these areas? 

The solution comes from the well-planned, ideal environment, the best security, a harmonious living space that no other district has, the townhouses and apartments in Tan Quy Dong are known for their trendy, modern architecture, suited for people who love to live in style. The tree-lined streets and the riverside views found in there is a treats to one’s eyes! The development follows the most modern and dynamic trend in the country which is increasing the value of the property market here day by day. All the above created a High-Profit Potential for the real-estate industry.

In addition, the project 'No. 9 street' bridge connects the same name street (Tan My residential area, Tan Phu ward) to Tan Quy Dong new residential area (Tan Phong ward). After one year of construction, the work had been completed and accepted, handed over and put into use on September 1, 2020. Thereby, contributing to solving traffic congestion in the area, especially at the intersection of Nguyen Thi Thap - Tan My street and initially reducing traffic congestion on Nguyen Thi Thap street connecting Nguyen Van Linh street. Now, residents living in Tan Quy Dong can move to Thu Duc new city easily via the new route: Tan Quy Dong - Nguyen Van Linh - Phu My Bridge - Thu Duc new city (formerly was district 2).

If you want to find yourself a townhouse or apartment in district 7, especially exclusive Tan Quy Dong. If you want to live, work, settle or have intentions to speculate, invest, then district 7 must be the best place for you.   

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