Top Wonderful Things You Have To Try If Living In District 7 (Ho Chi Minh City)

Unlike other districts which offers the buzzing lights and sounds, District 7 has a slower-paced lifestyle. A perfect getaway to recreate, breathe and take a break from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

1. Strolling along the Crescent Lake

Located at the heart of Phu My Hung, Crescent Lake is one of the attractive destinations. Walking in an open airy space and fresh air which is not easy to be found in HCMC, is extremely relaxing.
At night, the place becomes even more picturesque with the Star Bridge turns into a light spectacle making you feel like walking amongst the universe. On the other side of the bridge is a spacious and tranquil green space where you can stroll and unwind from the work pressure after an entire day. With space advantage, this park is a good choice for your family to spend the weekend for outdoor activities to increase the connection.

2. World class shopping

Right by the lake, Crescent Mall is one of the first shopping centers in Vietnam offering international shopping standards.
This mall provides a vast array of choices in fashion and food. Some of its attractions are the tourist-friendly stores of the famous fashion brands in the world be it Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, v.v... and well-known local brands which are located from the basement to 3rd floor. The next floor is an entertainment paradise with a cutting-edge cinema of CGV, a court full of food and entertaining events, especially on weekends. 

3. Late-night dining

District 7 is popular for the variety and quality of food. It's not very difficult to find seafood streets around the district but the most famous street with locals is 'Khu Trung Son' seafood street. The common point of those is they all fresh so this place must be a good place to frequent often for seafood-lovers. Besides, some of traditional Vietnamese cuisine you must try at least once be it Pho, pancake, spring roll, bread. Be careful, district 7 is not an appropriate district for who has diet plan. You can also find Indian or Japanese cuisine, they are all here at a reasonable price.
If you are a traveler and don’t want to just spend the whole night on your bed, there are restaurants open until midnight with a lot of delicious dishes for you to enjoy. Interesting, right?


4. Karaoke with friends or enjoy the nightlife

One of the most exciting ways to relax when visiting district 7 is karaoke as a popular entertainment activity of Vietnamese young generation. Explore the many karaoke areas in Nguyen Thi Thap street and receive applause from your friends.

An uncommon kind of restaurant with the locals but well received by expats is grill bar. Lost Boys Sports Bar & Grill located at 147 Le Van Luong, Tan Kieng is a hidden gem in district 7 with an amazing, nature-friendly surrounding. Their best dish is Wood Fired Pizza in town. They also have unique Cocktails and other mouthwatering menu items. You can set table via 093 407 0807 to perfect inside pool tables.

5. Discovering new coffee shops

What could be more enjoyable than having a good cup of coffee and listening to favorite music in a beautiful place? The coffee shops in district 7 surely won’t disappoint you.

If you are looking for a wonderful coffee place, there are some cafés around the Crescent Lake where you can enjoy the wonderful view and atmosphere. In addition, are some coffee shops on Nguyen Thi Thap street are also worth exploring.

6. Jump Arena Trampoline Park

TO JUMP IS TO LIVE is the slogan of this unique park. Located in 2 – 4, Route 9, Ward Tan Hung, District 7.

The world outside is a complex and tiring place. Our lives are weighed down by so many factors: by rules, by the opinions of others, by weakness, by worries, by ourselves, by gravity itself.

But enter Jump Arena and you have entered a different place. A place where you are lighter than you were outside; a place where everyone can fly; where everyone can soar above; where everyone is happy and free, even from gravity. It’s a place where everyone jumps because, let’s face it, we all really want to. Here you have permission. Here there is only laughter, only fun, only the delight of jumping as high as you dare to go, of diving into a giant pool of soft, forgiving foam, or trusting yourself to fate as you dive from on high into a giant airbag. Here there is nothing to fear.


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